Welcome to the Family

This morning Don* and Mary*, a new couple to Appleton Retirement Community, were approaching their apartment door as a long time resident, Jan* was approaching their apartment door as she walked the hall to breakfast. Jan stopped and said to them, “Hello Don. Hello Mary. How are you today? I hope you enjoy living here because I love living here.” Mary shared very honestly how much she had not wanted to make his move because she didn’t want to leave her house of 60 years.
Residents at Appleton Retirement Community are real and feel comfortable sharing their true thoughts and feelings. Many residents were not excited about the idea of making a move. Many were even scared or anxious about the unknown changes that lay ahead, yet current residents walk the hall smiling and welcoming new people daily.
Why does this occur? After the time it takes to settle in (which is different for everyone) residents start to feel safe, secure, cared for and even loved by their new additional family members consisting of other residents, staff and volunteers.
Residents realize that the family home they once loved served its purpose in its day but that their needs, wants and desires have changed. They adapt well to the new environment over time because they are made to feel very comfortable and at home. Residents tell us they don’t know why they didn’t move in sooner.
Have you or a loved one considered making a move to a retirement community? If you’d like to learn more about the options available at Appleton Retirement Community contact Sara Fawcett, Community Relations Director at Appleton Retirement Community at sfawcett@midwestseniorliving.net or 920-450-3350. We are always ready to welcome our newest residents home.

*Names were changed to maintain the privacy of our residents

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