Remembering 9-11

Few people will ever forget where they were or what they were doing 14 years ago when our nation experienced a terrorist attack that resulted in lives lost and lives changed forever.
On Friday, September 11, 2015 residents and staff of Appleton Retirement Community shared stories of where they were and what they were doing on September 11, 2001.
One resident recalled that she and her husband had flown to visit her sister in Colorado on September 10, 2001. The next day she turned to her sister’s husband and commented that she and her husband might just be staying with them through the winter. Many will recall the days after 9-11 and all the uncertainty about flights and whether people wanted to even fly again.
A few staff members recall being in grade school and having the teacher turn on the television and parents being called to pick the kids up early. Some kids were very scared as they could tell the adults were shaken and didn’t know what to do.
Another staff member recalls being here at Appleton Retirement Community when the bus driver came flying down the hall yelling, “They hit the towers. They hit the towers.”
A staff member who Lawrence University at the time thought the reports of the plane cashes were some type of joke. She found out about the planes as someone who had been listening to the radio told her about it and she just didn’t think it could be real.
As the mother of a brand new baby another staff member was rocking her baby in her arms and standing in front of the television when she heard the announcement and recalls not understanding what went on.
A few residents recalled watching television at the time of the attacks and seeing the live footage of the second plane crash. One resident recalls being so upset that she forgot to call her friend she went to lunch with every Tuesday to cancel their lunch. She was distraught all day.
Another resident recalls coming home from Mass to her husband watching television and seeing the firemen going up the stairs and then struggling to get back down.
A staff member who was to be married later in September of 2001 recalls that a resident announced to her that the planes had crashed. The next moment another resident called for assistance and had her television on when she arrived to help her. She was able to see what was happening and in the days following had reason to worry about how she would get a flight to the cruise ship she was to be married on just 10 days into the aftermath of the attacks.
Sharing stories, listening to patriotic music and socializing afterwards helped many at Appleton Retirement Community to pause and remember the great tragedy that brought our nation together.

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