Making a Difference in the Lives of Seniors

Working in senior living is not easy. Staff become very close to residents who can become ill.  At times care needs are high and the work pace is normally very quick. Resident care can be very complex and at times there are many external challenges to getting what is needed to care for folks in a timely fashion. The demands of senior living are great and the staff of Appleton Retirement Community is not immune to them.
As difficult as working in senior living is, most people working in this career continue in this career because they truly care about the people they serve. Many feel greatly rewarded by being able to make a difference in the lives of seniors. The lessons seniors teach are quite valuable and applicable to daily life.
Some residents at Appleton Retirement Community shared a few recent comments:
One recently told a caregiver, “You take such good care of me!”
Another resident came back from the doctor’s office and reported the following: “The doctor said I’m doing GREAT and it’s all because of YOU folks! I was in rough shape when I came here but I’m so much better now and it’s all thanks to you folks.”
Those words of praise, appreciation and gratitude go a long way and are heard often. These words evoke such a feeling of pride for a job well done in our continued effort to live out our mission of passionately enriching the lives of seniors each and every day. These words will carry us through when cares get heavy and moments of discouragement result.

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