Classic Car Discussion

On August 13, 2015 the Appleton Retirement Community Men’s Group centered around one popular topic: classic cars. Prior to the event the men were asked to provide the name of their favorite classic car so that staff could ensure photos would be available for the men to share while they discussed their favorite memories of classic cars they owned or wished they had owned.
Not one man mentioned anything about a Nash vehicle which did surprise one gentleman afterwards seeing as how many of the men’s group members lived through out the state of Wisconsin. One gentleman remarked that his favorite car he owned was the 1958 Pontiac Bonneville. It was a large car but gas so inexpensive back then.
Allen, the volunteer who leads the Men’s Group brought library books with photos of many classic cars. As the men discussed they could look at any old photos of classic Chevys, Olds, etc. The men really knew about the cars they discussed.
As the men shared stories, they had snacks and drinks. There was not one foul word uttered and not one man left early. The topic was a hit with the men.

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